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Updated: Jun 10


A valuable tip: more is not always better. This is NOT the case here. Every human on this planet is unique and every day for every human is also unique. Some of these tips will work on some days and not work on others. Some of these tips will work well with some people and never work with others. Considering the subject of sleep, 5 MORE tips IS better

So here goes…

If for some reason the ZZZZs aren’t coming so quickly, our minds go into this pattern or chatter that sounds something like this: 

“I’m NOT sleeping yet …  

I wonder what’s in store for me tomorrow at work?

I wonder why I’m not sleeping yet?

Did I turn the oven off?

Sure, would be nice to be sleeping right now … oh … I forgot to prepare my lunch for tomorrow… did I lock the back door?

Oh darn … I’m not sleeping well again tonight!” 

And  so on and on!

Here is a general phrase which applies to many aspects of human development. You may store this phrase and use any time; “WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS!”  By listening to the chatter in your mind about NOT sleeping, you are actually resisting sleeping.  Notice the other negatives such as the past and future “what ifs”. The projecting the unknown at work and doubts about things unlocked or not turned off. All are counterproductive towards sleep. 

Here is the plan for this: 

#6 Take long deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose. Expand your belly on the inhale, relax the belly on the exhale. This helps lower the heart rate, relax the blood pressure, calm the mind and brings us to a more present moment place. Now that we have the calm awareness it would help us to stay present for a little longer. Repeat this calmly in your mind:

Breathing in … I know I am breathing in

Breathing out … I know I am breathing out

IN --- OUT

Breathing in … my body is relaxed

Breathing out … I release


If you know you’ve had a rough day emotionally, your past experience has probably taught you that rest will be a challenge. “Why bother …” we might say and just put on a movie, only to fall asleep less than half way through the movie.

#7 let’s look back at #4 of the first five; click here to re-read the previous blog:

#4 states; power down the monitors. The reason you fell asleep during the movie is because the movie took your mind off of the emotional issues of the day. Your mind is only focused on one thing instead of many. But now you are going to bed with the issues of the movie. If moviemakers are good, there will be a situation, conflict and drama that you will take to bed with you.

Let’s replace the move with journaling. That’s right, write down in you own private notebook all the issues that you do NOT want to take to bed with you. Be as detailed as you would like. Get the issues of the day out of your head and onto the paper. Take a look at what you wrote, then let it go and return to step #6! Breathe … in … and … out! 

#8 About 1 hour before the hour of dropping off to sleep, you might want to brew some herbal tea! There are many herbal NON-CAFFEINATED teas that will relax the body and begin the resting phase of the day. Here are a few popular brands and their offerings. 

Organic India-Organic Tulsi Herbal Tea

Gaia Herbs-Sleep and Relax Herbal Tea 

Yogi Tea - Soothing Caramel Bedtime - Supports a Good Night's Sleep

 Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea - Sleepytime

There are more, find your favorite!

#9 Try programming your sleep wake cycle yourself. Your body computer will respond after days and maybe weeks of programing the same bedtime every evening and wake time everyday morning, INCLUDING WEEKENDS! This also includes saying; “no thank you” to napping if possible. It is understandable that you feel tired during the day while in the early stages of programming. To avoid napping, get outside. Go for a walk anywhere, right away (be safe). Get outside in the sun fresh air and among the trees. This will give you lots of energy and change that nap time into awake time, until the magic bed time!

#10 EXERCISE! Try getting some vigorous exercise 2-3 times during the week and may be 1-2 times on weekend days. The walking mentioned above will help. Here are some more suggestions; Pilates, Zumba, easy resistance training with weights or bands, running or jogging, biking, or swimming. There are many more choices of course. Pick one or two that you like and stick with it.  If you have never been very active this will take time to get used to and make a real habit of it. Many things will change for you including your SLEEP WAKE CYCLE. 

IN CLOSING… sleep and rest are not the same. If you are horizontal and your eyes are closed, your body might be shut down but your mind might still be active. Therefore, rest is not taking place. You are resisting sleep.

Issue:  If you’re not resting well, your awake hours are NOT really as alert as they could be. This will wreak havoc and on many other areas of your life!

Solution: One, two or more of these ten ideas are worth a try as consistently as possible. I believe you WILL enjoy the results!

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Gary Foreman


Life Coach


(972) 639-7292

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Gary Foreman

Life Coach

Gary Foreman


Life Coach

(972) 639-7292

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