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Updated: Jun 10

Let’s understand how Yoga, and more specifically, Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan, can assist the recovering population and actually reverse the grips of compulsive, destructive habitual and addictive behavior. 

To start … 

What is Yoga? 

There are many systems called yoga and each system has similar and its own definition of the term yoga. In some cases, the definitions within a system may change and shift a little also over time. One definition of Yoga is union, yoke or joining together. For the human, this could be, but not limited to, the joining of mind, body and spirit. In the case of the habitual user, one or more of these facets are out of balance or disconnected from nature. Kundalini Yoga is a science and technology, developed and evolving over many years, which systematically reunites these aspects so the human is fully functional, healthy, alive, vibrant, alert, and aware. 

In these contemporary times, we are inundated with information. We have all the information we need via the internet. Any given subject is available instantaneously. Technology is everywhere. We can find anything we want, anytime of the day or night and it is conveniently delivered to our homes the next day or sooner. Registration is online. Reviews guide people to the most popular places. This is both a gift and a curse. This access to unlimited information can cause information overload producing Information Dementia Syndrome (IDS). IDS is a relatively new term coined by professionals who have seen many cases and symptoms of dementia seemingly caused by many hours of habitual internet use. The highly sensitive human nervous system becomes overloaded similar to “blowing a fuse.” 

What is addiction? 

Humans are independent creatures but cannot survive with out dependence on others. This current technological era perpetuates isolation and leaves the human with a lack of emotional fulfillment. Everyone needs and wants validation from other humans. Sometimes their pets fulfill this need long before other friends and relatives do. This would be absurd in times past. This leads to compulsive behavior the precursor to outright addiction or dependency out of control. The addict is seeking this connection and emotional fulfillment outside of the self. Some of these addictions include recreational and prescription drugs, alcohol, over or under eating, nicotine, gambling, sex / porn, co-dependency, and much more. Softer more socially acceptable but destructive habits include technology and internet surfing, video games, caffeine, boasting / exaggerating, over-working, TV, texting, and more. AND the list is growing. 

Kundalini Yoga is a rebuilding technology that re-unites and rejuvenates all aspects of the human’s, mind, body, and spirit. This is done through a specific sequence of yoga movements and postures called Kriyas, meditation, breathing techniques, montras, mudras and relaxation. The nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, circulatory system and brain functions are systematically repaired, revived and revitalized! These shifts take time and consistent practice for anyone, especially the long-time habitual user. A trusted regular teacher, guide, mentor, studio location or Ashram facility is highly recommended. 

From the beginning of this recovery process Nutrition Awareness, including food choice, preparation and healthy habits for consumption are primary and essential. Juicing and juice intake, Hydrotherapy and Humanology (counseling and rehabilitative education) are all components of this process. 

With Kundalini Yoga, “inner grit” and determination are developed and one can train in mental self-control so that one conquers dependency on external substances. By developing physiologically and psychologically one feels more hopeful and can begin to connect with others, fulfill our needs, increase confidence, self-reliance, release doubts, let go of fears and have more stamina and endurance to withstand the pressure of modern times. 

Today, this system developed by Yogi Bhajan and now perpetuated by Mukta Kaur Khalsa, is called SuperHealth. With this protocol we always see a person as a whole being, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

For more information please visit: Approved as a CEU provider for medical professionals. Training and Education courses are available. All are welcome. You need not be a Kundalini Yoga Student, teacher, nurse practitioner, or addiction recovery specialist. Many people go through the course because of very close and emotional family issues. 

Help is closer than you think. Reach out to trusted sources in your area. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety it is connection with others who are compassionate and uplifting, which then leads to consistent sobriety.

Contact me for more information.


This article was seen in Addiction Professional Magazine; Fall 2018. 

This article was recently edited and updated for the purpose of posting on this blog site. 

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