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Updated: Jun 10

Hello friends …

Today I want to talk about human BAND WIDTH. Human band width? Pretty weird right?!  Read on!

I got this term and the basic premise from one of my favorite podcast personalities, Joe Rogan. This piece comes down to this:

*Positive or negative.

*What do you want in your human experience.  

*Thoughts, words, actions.

HOW do you want to spend your band width? 


We humans have choices. Among the thousands of choices that we have at our disposal and make every day, two of the basic choices are positive and negative. The spectrum of positive and negative is huge.

The issue is how do you want to use the band width in your mental capacity. If you want to use your band width on positive things, the results you attract will be more positive, pleasing, desired, happy, fun, and life will flow. If you want to use your band width on negative things, negative results will emerge or return to you from the frequency you emanate.  Negative, such as; slander, blaming, imposing guilt, shaming, judging, ranting, scathing social media posts, complaining to neighbors, gossiping with friends and much more. 

Positive, such as; a simple smile, a kind gesture, a compliment, encouragement to others, giving in service, holding a door for someone and much more.  We’ve all gotten into the HABIT of thinking that problems and stress are the norm. The few great things that happen for us humans are many times overshadowed by anxiety, tension, and fear. Then, we must devise a strategy to navigate our way out of the impending situation into a resolution stage. Problems exist in the human time / space reality only. No other beast in nature has problems. Problems are created in the human mind after thought is involved. Life situations are constant for humans and can be both wanted and unwanted. It is easy to roll downhill, gravity pulls us downward. It is easy to get to the lowest common denominator. Many times, our friends tell us about a problem that they are facing and we want to chime in or top them by adding to the conversation OUR bigger issue or something that has happened to us in the past. This is all a choice. This might be an effort to console the other person by stating that MY issue is bigger so YOU don’t have to feel so bad. This makes both issues worse! On the other hand, when generosity and gratitude becomes habitual and forthcoming, the gifts will come back many times in many ways. 


Let’s assume that you get a new 100% band width upon awakening in the morning. How do you want to use it?!

Starting today, make a conscious decision about how to use your 100% band width. Do you want to use 20% on listening to rants about something that is out of your control or doesn’t really matter? Probably not. If you did, fine, you have 80% band width left, for the rest of the day to use however you want. OR you can calmly and quickly say no thank you to that extremely belligerent social media post, and have 100% available to you for: 

*What you want to accomplish for today.   

*What IS within your control.

*Staying focused, less or no distraction.

*Tasks that lead to the positive results for the day. This will be one more small step towards your desired results.

*Learning to trust yourself in your decision to go against what might be the common in negative thought. 

This is going to give YOU more peace of mind and does not use your band width for something negative. If you pay attention, to someone else’s negative post, with time, energy and band width, it puts more fuel on their fire and uses your band width for something that gives you almost no results!

Use your band width for YOU:

1)   Make only short dedicated times for social media and scroll fast. Find the good stuff and give it a nod figuratively, a like, or a quick comment of acknowledgement. 

2)   Politely redirect others who start or continue the gossip.

3)   Engage with others who are more of sure thing for positive, and a motivational good time!

4)   Isolate yourself for times that focus is extremely needed.

5)   Consult a good friend for outside, objective criteria leading to a more health positive decision. 


Based on the Laws of Cause and Effect, we will get the crop of whatever seed we plant in our mind. A positive seed planed over and over insures us fun and happier times, that multiply day in and day out. Choose how to use your band width. Choose what you let in and what you keep out. Choose what you spend and how you spend it. This will all be good for you and ALL the living beings around you. YES, that means your dog and plants! 

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