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Humans NEED things to survive. We all know basic needs, are food, clothing, and shelter. Safety, control over personal boundaries, security, acceptance / connection with other humans is also essential. Many times, we forget these emotional needs.

Wanting implies that we don’t already have these things that we want. So, wanting is really two (2) ends of the same stick. What we want and the absence of what we want. Many times, we claim that we want something and then focus on and express that we don’t have it or can’t get it. This mind set stops the process of receiving whatever it is that we want.  The Universe wants to deliver this to you, when you believe that it is already yours. Wanting is part of the human process of creativity and expansion.

If a want comes up frequently in thought, it becomes a NEED. A need is stronger and a higher priority. That need MUST be met by you or someone else. Friends, partner/spouse, co-workers, service institutions, professionals are only some of the people and places to get needs met. When the need is NOT met, the human goes into survival mode and will get that need met in a more subversive way, usually through some form of manipulation. Manipulation does not make you a bad person, we all do it consciously or unconsciously, to get our needs met!

This survival mode is ultimately a fear of death. The subconscious mind reasons; “I will suffer and eventually parish if this important need is NOT MET”! This leads to more continuous fear and sometimes occasional panic. This fear effects our physical mental, and emotional systems and can continue in a more downward emotional spiral that is undesired! A Human NEED cannot be unmet! According to one of my favorite authors; Teal Swan, “you have one choice when it comes to meeting your needs and that is to MEET THEM.” We all need to become aware of what our needs are.

What is that process?

1)  First: KNOW that it is not wrong or inappropriate to want or need anything. Wanting is not selfish and needing is not a weakness. We want and need things to survive as stated above. Start writing down what your needs are. Simpley making a list is a great start. Sit down in a quiet comfortable space and ask yourself; “What are my needs”? Quickly write down what comes up without judgement or analysis. Writing is like sculpting. The sculptor throws the clay on the slab and starts shaping. The writer puts a bunch of words down on paper, possibly in list form as previously stated, and then starts editing and re-writing until the image becomes clearer. THEN the Universe knows more of what you want and will deliver as YOU begin to believe that it is here already. 

2)  Examine what you want. QUESTION: “Why do I want this?” 

Is it a temporary desire to fill an emotional need? Maybe it is a compulsion or obsession, out of our control, or without our conscious choice. Take a close look at this. AWARENESS is a huge part of the process of positive change. OR, is it a NEED for joy, creativity, expression, growth, expansion and CONNECTION? Think about this carefully. The universe responds to WHY more than what.  


WARNING: you will not always know how to meet those needs and that’s OK! Leave this blank if necessary. Come back to it later. Ask questions to those around you or a trusted source. When your mind gets more and more clear and focused, the universe will place those HOWS in front of you by presenting opportunities in the form of people, circumstances and resources. 

3)  Take a look around at what you already have. This may include a home, career or business, and treasured personal possessions. Examine valuable relationships such as a spouse or partner, associations, friends, companions, acquaintances and more. Then look at internal qualities of yourself such as talents, skills, interests, assets, gifts, passions and more! AND THEN … 

4)  GRATITUDE! Being grateful for what you have, in step 3 above, is the key to getting what you want from step 1. From here the feelings become more positive. You begin and emit a more positive vibration, which is higher and lighter and attracts more of the same. You then become more likely to get what you want and need! This may seem a little reversed in our social or cultural environment. Focus on what you have, express gratitude, then get what you want and need! Make this is a frequent and consistent process. These two words, THANK YOU, are the most powerful words on the planet.  

5)  Focus the positive energy on the desired results utilizing as many images as possible in your mind first. Include sensory feelings and emotions as well. Stephen Covey, in his book; The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People states, everything happens twice. FIRST in your mind and then in the external.

Ask yourself:

  • WHY do I want this.

  • What does it feel like? And then begin to assume that feeling.

  • What does it sound like? And then hear it.

  • ·What does it look like? And then see the image as clearly as possible.

Then, the HOWS show up in the form of people, circumstances and resources. 


Very simply:

*Know as best you can what you want and need. Write them down in your own handwriting.  

*Take a look at WHY these desires are present.  

*Examine what you have and express gratitude as an important starting point!  

In addition, the feeling of deserving, of being enough, and personal value has a lot to do with the ability to receive. A higher self-esteem and self-love are essential to getting your needs met. Now, let’s get going and start being creative!


Stay tuned!



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Gary Foreman


Life Coach


(972) 639-7292

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Gary Foreman

Life Coach

Gary Foreman


Life Coach

(972) 639-7292

  • Instagram
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